How is the booking process?

There are only a few important steps that you will want to follow to be sure that you are all squared away for your session and you can move on to planning your wardrobe, location, etc.
The first step to booking is of course to contact me to pick a day and time for your session.
I require all clients to sign an agreement in order for me to take your photos.
All sessions require the 50% non-refundable retainer fee in order to reserve a slot.

Do you you requiere a contract and/or deposit?

Yes! In order to book your session date and time your will need to send me 50% of the total of whatever package you select along with your contract. Payments can be made via Venmo.

How soon in advance do we need to book?

Last minute bookings are always welcomed if I am available. Know that Spring-Fall are the busiest. I recommend reaching out 30 days or more before your ideal session date to book.

How long is the editing process?

All sessions have an editing turnaround time of 2 weeks. If you would like to rush your images you can do so for a small fee.

How will we receive our images?

Your images will be delivered through an online gallery from where you can see and download the best photos. You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints! All of the images you receive are edited to perfection. This process includes getting rid of or fixing blinks, adjusting white balance, remove minor cosmetic detractors from images and applying my signature artistic edit.

Will we receive a print release after our session?

Yes! Upon receiving your images, you will also get a full print release.

What time of the day is best for lighting?

The best time of day to do your session is very dependant on the time of year since lighting is very dependant on the position of the sun. As a general rule I like to aim for the first two or last two hours of daylight but ask me for specific advice one time frame when we pick our location.

How do we select a location for our session?

You are welcome to select your own location for your shoot or I can provide you with a list of my favorite locations in Miami for you to choose from. It’s best to look through images online and see what catches your idea to help you decide what your style is and what type of location fits that style.

What should we wear?

In case you need help, I will be sharing a quick guide. What you choose to wear to your session is up to you! Coordinating outfits with the rest of your family can really make your photos beautiful but is not necessary. Try choosing a palate of 3-4 colors what work well together and layer in those colors in your family’s outfits. Don’t be afraid of patterns and textures!

What happens if we have a sick child? Can we reschedule our session?

Reschedules are always welcome if anyone is sick or weather permits. Life with kids is unexpected and sometimes you get sick! Please notify me as soon as possible to reschedule your session and I will do my best to work you in on a later date. However, while I do allow rescheduling for illness I do not allow cancellations with a refund of your deposit due to illness.

We have small kids, how can we make sure our session goes smoothly?

Don’t worry! I am very experienced at working with small children and I am a mom myself. The best thing you can do is relax and have fun and let me do the rest! Kids pick up on stress and it can make them less likely to cooperate, so leave the entertaining to me and let your kids just be kids!

How do we take our session to the next level?

I always love the opportunity to make your photos more unique and exciting for you! Whether it be a picnic on the beach or a bike ride in the park- let’s discuss ideas for how we can make your session even more epic and personal!

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